Prohibited Items

  1. Explosives of any kind including fireworks and detonating fuses.
  2. Gases such as compressed gas, dry ice, fire extinguishers, gas lighters, and aerosol cans.
  3. Flammables; both solids and liquids.
  4. Toxic and infectious items such as pesticides
  5. Biological products and waste such as medical waste, or dangerous pathogens.
  6. Items that could be dangerous to public health.
  7. Aerosol cans (Excluding body spray, which we can ship).
  8. Adult/sex toys.
  9. Products containing concentrated alcohol.
  10. Vape Pens (electronic cigarettes), Vape juice, and related accessories.
  11. Weapons (including camping/hunting knives or any non-kitchen knives).
  12. Car/motorcycle batteries.
  13. Power banks, cellphone batteries, camera batteries, laptop batteries, or any standalone batteries.
  14. Paint.
  15. Fireworks, flares.
  16. Pepper Spray.
  17. Tasers.
  18. Ammunition, Guns, Explosives, Fireworks, Fuses, including weapons or replicas or any weapons accessories.
  19. Oxidizing substances and Organic Peroxides such as Bleach.
  20. Gas cylinders/pressurized material.
  21. Toxic and Infectious substances such as Pesticides, Insecticides, Mercury, Poisons, etc.
  22. Human or animal remains or ashes.
  23. Live organisms.
  24. Animal Skins, Furs, Ivory.
  25. Alcoholic Beverages, tobacco, or any nicotine products, rolling paper, lighters, and other tobacco accessories.
  26. Government, police, or military boots, uniforms, IDs, military or police first-aid kits, night vision gear, or related accessories.
  27. Tactical clothing, gear, knives, weapons, or accessories.
  28. Poisonous substances.
  29. All Over-The-Counter medication such as pain killers, cold & flu remedies, and allergy remedies.
  30. Prescription medicine.
  31. Seeds, plants, fertilizers.
  32. Money/Legal Tender, Currency, bank documents, Credit/Debit Cards, or Gift Cards of any kind.
  33. Letters or mail.
  34. Hemp oil, CBD
  35. Perishable food items.
  36. Lighters, butane lighters/torches, lighter fluid, or matches.
  37. Drones/UAVs.